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48 Kitchen and Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life. . much faster than a ceramic plate or plastic cutting board. . it’s a genius idea for preventing waste and .

E Waste: What happens with your outdated or . Email Technology fans . What many Apple enthusiasts did not think about was the amount of electronic waste, .

How to recycle your electronics and gadgets. . selenium in circuit boards and cadmium in . for recycling points for all forms of e waste in the US is .

The G Word episode guide includes recaps for every episode from every . technology, fashion, and home and . Solving the problem of waste wood; looking for .

Ship Made of Plastic Bottles . the Pacific Ocean meant to raise awareness about the perils of plastic waste. . challenge of being the only woman on board.

Trash to ethanol firms get digging. . Some companies are also developing portable equipment for taking wood waste and making electricity . including plastic .

Deep within those piles of plastic waste lies an opportunity for the expanding 3D . The open source design allows people to build upon the technology .

Ethanol From Corn Cobs Isn't A Pipe . gathering methods as part of the company's effort to make cellulosic ethanol out of corn waste. . plastic and wood, .

Investor Vinod Khosla: Advanced biofuels are closer than . The numbers behind making ethanol from wood waste, . The most cost effective technology today is wood.

Yoga pants, fleece jackets and sea pollution: The link you didn't know. . detergents may need to be targeted next in efforts to reduce plastic waste in .

Read the how often to mineral oil a bamboo cutting board . Read the how often to mineral oil a bamboo cutting board? discussion . onto the board and waste .

The recycled plastic filament that could . and certain number of folks on board helps to validate . machines that turn plastic waste into .

Pacific garbage patch may change marine life. . bits instead of natural flotsam like wood and seashells. Though plastic debris is . and technology beat .

The depressing truth about e waste: . The roads are covered in plastic, wires, and other e waste. A study showed pollution comes from the burning of circuit boards, .

CNET tours an e waste recycling center that disassembles electronics on site for . Where electronics go to die, responsibly. . Even wood paneling is sent .