can you put a gas fire pit on a deck

I will say, those metal fire pits on a stand are probably not really meant for a deck. We have one that we fired up sitting on the grass and it dried the grass underneath dead. So, it could likely discolor and maybe damage the deck surface. I don't think it's a hazard necessarily but I'd opt not to put something 

For most homeowners with vinyl decks, the best choice for an outdoor fire pit is a propane or natural gas fire pit. These fire pits don't get as hot as wood burning fires, don't throw sparks, and don't run out of fuel quickly (or ever if you use natural gas). However, they can still produce a warm and beautiful flame that is perfect 

If you want to use a fire pit on a deck and you've received the all clear from the city code, choose a gas fueled pit for the lowest fire risk. A properly installed gas fire pit doesn't produce sparks that can ignite nearby surfaces. Look for gas fire pits designed for deck use. This should be stated in the instruction manual. If you're 

Discover how to create a box ball to add some garden structure in just four simple steps, with our practical guide from BBC Gardeners' World Magazine. Craftsmen constructing a natural stone fire pit on wooden deck with stone inlay. www. Patio Fire PitsDeck With Fire PitStone Fire PitsGas Fire PitsGas FiresOutdoor 

To skip the safety concern, consider a propane fire pit. With many options available, and even info on how to build one, homeowners don't have to sacrifice style for safety. Gel fuel and natural gas fire pits also provide safer alternatives to wood burning fire pits. If you know the weight limit of your deck, that 

No longer will a wood deck with a grill do for many homeowners wanting to enjoy their backyards. Costs can be as low as $200 if you plan for a small fire pit, buy your own stones and dig the hole yourself; or if you purchase a simple unit at a Putting it on a wood deck can be dangerous if embers fly.

Gas fire pits can be burning at full capacity in less than 5 seconds and be turned off whenever you want have a flame instantly with no hassle or wait time to extinguish. 2. Safe to Safe to use with your patio furniture, next to your pool, or on a wooden deck where a wood burning fire pit couldn't go. Sierra 

One reason is ease of use. A gas firepit is always ready to use. There is no need to find wood to burn. With a gas firepit there is no need to clean up ash caused from burning wood. No need to have a screen cover because there are no sparks from a gas firepit. You can also place your gas firepit on a wooden deck. All wood 

You have to remember, though, that fire pits put out a lot of heat and too much heat can damage your home's siding or even set it ablaze. So, remember to keep your fire pit at least 20 feet away from your home and all other structures. Do Dispose of the Ashes After Fire Pit Has Cooled You should also dispose of your fire 

However, you want to enjoy your fire pit experience without having to worry about ruining you floor surface, the grass under your fire pit, your wooden deck or burning property. Like anything 'Fire' a fire pit can be a very dangerous and destructive piece of equipment to operate in your outdoor living space 

So instead of spending your time chopping wood, obtaining a fire permit, and struggling to light a fire the old fashioned way, you can set up your own gas fire pit for backyard campouts at the touch of a button. And while fancy gas fire pits can cost hundreds of dollars, it's easy to buy an expensive gas fire pit 

A gas fire pit burns cleaner and is safer than burning wood as long as you follow these outdoor gas fire pit safety tips. If you're interested in setting the pit on your wooden deck, make sure to purchase a pedestal style pit, raised up on feet to allow for appropriate heat ventilation. Even if the fire pit is a pedestal style, 

With propane portable fire pit, you can control the fire with a dial or knob. check price and List Of Propane Fire Pits. Natural gas fire pit: If you are comfortable installing your fire pit in one place and you don't want to move around. Then you can consider installing a natural gas fire pit on your deck. It has no harm to your deck.

Outdoor Fire Pit FAQs. Get the answers to your questions about outdoor wood, natural gas, propane, and gel fuel fire pits

July 21, 2014. Fire pits make great additions to any outdoor space and instantly increase visual appeal. We don't recommend placing a Fire Pit Gallery fire pit on a wooden surface, such as a deck or patio, because you run the risk of damaging that surface. However, if you do choose to place your fire pit on 

These portable units are generally for use with Propane gas. You will find a wide variety of gas firepit styles, with either lava rocks or ceramic logs. These fire pits are durable, require little maintenance, and are easy to start. You may place gas fire pits directly on wood decks and patios. Enjoy the beauty of an outdoor fire with