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Penthouse apartments have great views. Staircase leading down to the water. Façades clad in cedar wood. Residents dock their boats outside. Strandparken apartment building. Handy boardwalk. Carina Sule and Rasmus Rahm. Wood clad lobby. Sule and Rahm's penthouse balcony. Corner of Arne Olsson's apartment.

Listed below are timber species that because of their durability rating, don't need to be treated to be used for external cladding. If specifying untreated wood, ensure that the client is aware of weathering and fading; Natural oils in the timber have a corrosive effect on ferrous metals, so galvanized or stainless steel fixings 

Modified wood is quickly becoming a premium decking material for residential homes as well as commercial settings. Kebony cladding exceeds expectations Architectural firm Arches has recently created a contemporary, eco friendly villa within close proximity to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and the country's largest 

Our range provides versatile style, top quality and superior strength to enhance homes, commercial buildings, public facilities and construction projects across From cladding to decking, screening to panelling, Urbanline Architectural makes it easy with Australia's widest selection of composite, hardwood and softwood 

Your choice of cladding has a significant effect on the environmental performance of your home. Initial impacts of cladding, such as embodied energy, Cladding is typically made from wood, metal, plastic (vinyl), masonry or an increasing range of composite materials. It can be attached directly to the frame or to an 

the development of 64 luxurious private apartments at granville Place, north london is one of britain's most ecologically and environmentally advanced building projects. in order to meet the governments code for Sustainable Homes, accoya wood, created from sustainably sourced wood, was used as cladding supplied by 

To shed some light on why timber is rapidly earning a reputation for being the most attractive, durable and ecological cladding solution, here is a detailed look at some of Timber cladding creates a beautiful, natural effect that is becoming more and more popular on commercial buildings, apartment blocks, and on domestic 

If you're not satisfied with the exterior of your home, and have always loved the clean look of contemporary houses, then a simple rendering could completely transform the look. Alternatively, if you want a traditional look, brick slips or wood paneling could create add some authentic appeal to your property.

Accoya, the world leading modified wood, has been used to provide the finishing touches to two high end apartment buildings in Melbourne, Australia. above ground guarantee and using wood grown from FSC certified forests, it fulfilled their requirements for an easy to manage and eco friendly wood.

Timber cladding. While timber needs more maintenance than stone or brickwork, it is cheaper. Oak and cedar may be left untreated to weather to a silver grey, while softwood boarding usually needs painting or staining. Eco friendly and entirely natural, wood is a flexible element to work with, whether you 

Dura Cladding has a traditional wood appearance, long life span, and is UV stable. It is an attractive alternative to natural wood materials. By contrast, Weatherboard cladding is designed to be laid with an overlap and is usually used as a type of siding for homes, outbuildings, offices and workshops that require a more 

Product Review: Exterior Cladding| EcoBuilding Pulse Magazine Green Products, Exteriors, Siding, Wood, Cement, Insulation, Lumber, Recycled Perhaps this is to be expected, considering we rely on cladding materials to protect homes from the worst Mother Nature can throw at them and still look 

INNOWOOD composite timber product is made up of 70% wood waste, the material is eco friendly and is recyclable with a high utilization of waste timber, low carbon footprint and non polluting INNOWOOD Innoclad is an architectural composite wood cladding system that enhances outdoor façades and internal linings.

Apartment building of Aurajokiranta has an exterior cladding made of King panel. It is suitability for continuous wall surfaces of up to 12 metres, ideal for apartment buildings.

Accoya is the world's leading long life wood. With a 50 year guarantee not to rot or warp, Accoya delivers remarkable levels of dimensional stability, sustainability and durability.

By using timber frames developers are able to control costs and reduce the amount of time it takes to construct new homes, helping it to remain ahead in the current highly competitive The A. Proctor Group has partnered with maibec specialist manufacturer of quality factory stained solid wood for external cladding.