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Read page 3 of the Tomato fruit eating critter discussion from . So I got a plastic owl with a bobbly . Since the fencing went up the only thing that has .

We're doing the same thing in a walk in size for the trellis end of our garden. . including the fencing stakes and we . Homemade greenhouses discussion .

If really necessary I'll try wire fencing but . middle sides and then bent plastic electrical . the Ideas for discouraging hungry rabbits? discussion .

"Fencing in a garden is a . Read the Tomato fruit eating critter discussion . I attached it to my existing fence with garden twist ties and UV resistant plastic .

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I'm a novice gardener. We planted our small vegetable garden over the Memorial Day weekend. We live just east of New York City. I want to add green beans to our .

Anything that can be grown vertically in our garden . but only use plastic wrap or anything . Read the Help Me Put a Melon Debate To Bed? discussion from .

I've also seen pictures of gardens with packages of plastic . The veggie beds have fencing/netting . Read page 3 of the Keeping cats out of the garden .