wood plastic composite fabrication suppliers

Manufacturing with a wood plastic composite. What product designers and plastics manufacturers need to know about working with wood plastic composites. The material selection process usually begins with a new idea for a product, or an idea for improving on an existing product. The owner of that idea then sits down 

Unfortunately, in order to make these products, companies have traditionally used non biodegradable polymers and fibers, which were usually made from non renewable The first step in wood plastic composite fabrication, called compounding, blends organic plant fibers with an inorganic thermoplastic.

Despite this reality, some wood plastic composite suppliers seem to ignore the importance of small, rounded pellets during the production phase. They're simply Processing temperatures are one of the few portions of the manufacturing phase where wood plastic composites differ significantly from conventional plastics.

began producing a pelletized feedstock for the wood plastic composites industry. These companies provide compounded pellets for many processors who do not do their own compounding. Current Markets . developed processing equipment specifically for wood plastics composite manufacturing (some in cooperation 

Wood processing and plastic manufacturers are expected to shift towards wood plastic composite manufacturing owing to similar manufacturing technology, as well lower production cost. Furthermore, plastic manufacturers are expected to shift more rapidly owing to technical know how. Another promising growth area 

The Terratek WC line of wood plastic composites combines the pleasing look of wood with the functionality and manufacturing ease of plastics. The wood fibers are obtained from waste materials generated by lumber manufacturers, which are then processed to produce a consistent reinforcing product. The use of these