fire rated composite decking boards

The untreated redwood (far right) and the wood plastic composite at the center comply with California Building Code Chapter 7A requirements for plastic deck boards, provided that when exposed to flames or brands, they meet minimum performance requirements established by the Office of the State Fire 

Composite Boards. decking material. View as slideshow. Decks are where fires often start, whether from windblown embers or from charcoal falling out of your grill. Most wood species are rated Class C for fire resistance, but you can build safer with a Class A rated composite decking like AmeraDeck, made from PVC and 

Currently deck boards are made from either wood, pure plastic, or are a fiber plastic composite product.The composite lumber products are popular these days ing on top of the deck.The brand is a standard item used in eval uating the fire performance of roofing materials (for example, the. Class 'Pi rating).We used it in 

wood alternative decking and railing. Stifle Splinters Summer fun should be ouch less so ensure that your deck is free of splintering boards. Lightly Fire up the Grill Any deck can feel warm and cozy with grills, fire pits, chimneys, heaters and candles, but it is important to make sure that they are 

The vulnerability of decks to wildfire will depend on the decking board material, any combustible materials stored under the deck or kept on the deck, and the Untreated wood and wood treated with fire retardant, as well as plastic and wood plastic composite products, are all combustible and therefore vulnerable to ember 

Information on AmeraDeck fire rated decking material. Today, there are plenty of composite decking products that are less maintenance than wood, but often they don't have the added benefit of a fire rating. However, that is not the case with Users can choose several sized boards, depending on the exact project.

A Fire Defense board is a special type of board used for additional fire resistance. As opposed to the standard decking, which contains wood and plastic, Fire Defense boards contain 50 percent wood and 50 percent polyurethane. As a result, Fire Defense boards burn more slowly than traditional 

BAL 40 decking Board. At FireCrunch, we are the leading provider of fire resistant BAL 40 decking board with second to none CSIRO fire tested certificates to our Australia wide clients. We acknowledge that Australia is a country regularly ravaged by dangerous bushfires of varying proportions which is why we have 

Flame Shield is a specially formulated ModWood board with a fire retardant additive included. Until now decking board options for bushfire prone areas was limited; however this has all changed. Flame Shield can be used in BAL 12.5, BAL 19, BAL 29 and BAL 40 areas and gives you a traditional timber decking look 

Mataverde Class A fire rated decking and siding species including , and FSC Machiche hardwood all surpass ASTM Class A fire rating standards.

WPC decking boards made of our wood composite are very resistant to adverse weather conditions, which makes the product so popular among customers. Fire classification testing for the reaction to fire determined the properties of the EcoTeak Wood Plastic Composite as class CFL and its smoke emission as S1 

There is a new fire resistant on the market that has a flame retardant additive built in (Class “B” flame retardant). Due to new California “Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Products” code, others are sure to follow. Outstanding fireproof decking with plastic/fly ash LEED certified composite decking boards