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Impressions is a wall mounted acoustic tile system where six classic KnollTextiles patterns are 'impressed" onto a high performance ultra thin acoustic substrate to provide sound absorption within an interior. Impressions is manufactured in the USA, using specialized machinery and a proprietary breakthrough process, 

Panels especially designed for interior use as a wall or ceiling element. Mineral wool insulation core with good acoustic and fire protection properties. Surface sheet with surface perforation improving sound absorption; System for horizontal or vertical application to walls or ceilings; Excellent sound absorption and airborne 

FabriTRAK was invented in 1977 and quickly became the market leader in providing upholstered and acoustical wall treatments and finishes throughout the United States. Today, FabriTRAK Systems Inc., headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, has an active licensed installation dealer network throughout North 

Fabric Systems Tracks are designed to provide excellent sound control, while being highly customisable to any shape.

Under the product brand HERADESIGN , Knauf AMF produces, develops and distributes high class acoustic systems based on wood wool for ceiling and wall installations. These excel through a unique, timeless design character and a multitude of creative options. The high quality and 'warm' character of the wood wool 

Advantages, aesthetics, quick installation, water resistance, durability, acoustical properties, maintenance friendly, and answers to many of the questions you may Newmat + TLS Indoor The indoor Tension LED System is a patented and UL certified LED lighting system that provides uniform surface lighting that can cover 

03. CEILING RAFTS. HERADESIGN . CEILING BAFFLES. SUSPENDED CEILING. WALL MOUNTED. FINE. 01 acoustic panels so they have a completely neutral biological footprint. Heradesign 's magnesite bonded wood wool panel is a natural product and so ideal for modern lifestyles. Heradesign acoustic panels 

Saint Gobain Ecophon develops, manufactures and markets acoustic products and systems that contribute to a good working environment.

0751 / 03 room atmosphere architecture acoustics ceiling systems design nature wood wool. Wood, magnesite and water are the principal components of the Heradesign acoustic panels so they are completely harmless in terms of building biology. Heradesign's magnesite bonded wood wool panel is a natural product 

Audimute doesn't just sell Acoustic Panels, but provides all encompassing soundproofing solutions for acoustics. Trust the experts at Audimute.