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Technical Learning College's (TLC's) continuing education course material development was based upon several factors; integrated pest management program for termite control and related wood destroying insects and to provide continuing .. decks and fence posts. With the exception of naturally 

Seasoned building materials. Utility poles, fence posts and rails. Structural members. Structures and dwellings. Transportation vehicles (truck beds and support structures). Crop containers. Lawn furniture and decks. Playground equipment. Garden/landscape timbers. Log homes. On This Page.

A borate based termiticide is applied during construction soaking deep into the wooden structural framework of the home to set up a barrier that sends termites packing. works on virtually every wood product structural framing, plywood, particleboard, Oriented Strand Board and other cellulose based building materials.

Natural Durability And Strength; Unparalleled elegance and beauty; Warm and inviting look; Time tested materials made by nature. Pressure Treated Fences The ACQ preservative system provides long term protection from rot, decay and termites without the use of any EPA listed hazardous chemicals. ACQ Preservative 

When wood is used as a building material, termite prevention in the form of treated wood or naturally resistant wood will be required by building codes. . Although not commercially lumbered, natural cedar posts have traditionally been used as foundation piers on old structures, and extensively for fences and furniture.

Termites gain access to wood from ground level and use termite tubes made of mud to cross distances over non wood articles like concrete, steel and brick. This means that to completely avoid termite infestation on your fence the entire fence, from posts to slats, must be painted or stained to protect against 

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Post construction anti termite control Similarly, wood supports, fence posts etc. in contact with the soil and the structure present an easy access for termite entry. When termites are detected in the monitoring device, the untreated cellulose material is replaced with a treated material, referred to as a "termiticide bait".

Termites can eat cedar but they tend to stay away from it because cedar wood has resin and oil that tends to repel them. Some scientists have even found . Always place your mulch near you home in such a way that allows for proper drainage because termites are attracted to damp material. If your mulch is emplaced in 

Our water based colour system Aquatan enhances the appearance of fence panels and sheds, whilst Aquatan applied in a vacumat or spray process helps formwork beams maintain a fresh yellow colour. Under the brand of Celbrite several anti sapstain products for the sawmill industry are available, including the special 

Termite pictures and data on drywood termites. Drywood termites are not dependent upon a constant moisture supply as are the subterranean termite types. One of the common symptoms of dry wood termites attack is the It is also found in fence posts, baseboards and door frames of buildings. Flights occur in July and 

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It can also be applied to members other than wood, including concrete, block, brick, metals, PVC plumbing pipes and other non cellulosic materials found in structures. Bora Care termite treatment is long lasting in the case if the treated material is not exposed to rain, continuous water or in direct contact with 

Postsaver and Polesaver sleeves have been preventing ground rot and termite attack in utility poles & fence posts since 1994; Expected fence post life 20 years, Wood has for centuries been the material of choice for fence posts and power and telecoms poles, however the achilles heel of this application is the rot which 

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You won't find many outward signs (“sawdust” like materials or excrement pellets) because these termites use those materials to make tunnel like structures, or mud tubes, on the walls (indoors or out) of your home to retain their moisture. These termites are usually found in more “tropical” climates, and if the moisture content