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A challenging question will pin you to one side of this fence or the other. . Is less privacy worth the price of convenience? . Is the cost worth the price of .

One internal plan shows it would cost nearly twice as . and members of cultural organization “Border/Arte” paint the border fence to give it the illusion of .

CNET también está . Homeland Security's 'virtual' border fence . "I've never seen anything that answers that question of will the benefits exceed the cost .

I'm almost neurotically organized. Indeed, if allow my desktop to get messy, my productivity plummets. Stardock has released a free app just for people like me .

Second layer of steel spikes to be added White House fence. . is adding a second layer of steel spikesto the top of the White . to the fence along the north .

Sarah Tew/CNET . the cost of entry rises . there are a few general rules of thumb that can help determine which side of the fence is right .

Man Arrested for Throwing Puppy Over Animal Control's Fence, . Man Arrested for Throwing Puppy Over Animal . to cover the cost of Jenny’s surgery .

Democratic lawmaker aims to block border wall funding with taxpayer . funds to build a fence, . much the wall would cost and if it should .

Lockheed wins $915 million "space fence . cost billions. The Air Force had originally intended to award a contract for development of the Space Fence in July .