set a railing post in a concrete step

Step 3 Attachment. You will need to use a post plate mounting system of steel for your aluminum porch railing. You will attach your first post onto the wall using your mounting brackets. One that is near the top and one that is above your baluster rail baseline will be needed. Your base plate needs to be set just underneath 

Place the post holders on the concrete, lining up each of the holders with the marks you have just made on the steps. Remember that each step will take the wooden rails a little farther down toward the ground. Don't allow the post holders to dictate where the rails should go, but instead position them so that the rails will be 

Whether you're building a cover for a concrete patio, mounting posts on concrete steps or installing a railing around a concrete porch, you have to attach the 4x4 Core and Set Posts. You cannot surface mount a post that has only one point of contact at the base because a post bracket does not offer 

wikiHow to Install a Wood Fence Post. Two Methods:Setting the Post in Soil or GravelSetting the Fence Post with ConcreteCommunity Q&A. Wooden fence posts are more vulnerable and fragile than metal. Spend some extra time and money on durable lumber and a well drained installation, or that beautiful aesthetic will rot