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Making a high quality synthetic decking requires expensive ingredients and good quality control. There are many places to skimp in the process. Most products fall into the few categories discussed below, but each has unique characteristics and installation requirements. In all cases, review the product specs and, 

Choosing which type of material to use for your decking boards is an age old dilemma & probably the biggest decision you'll make in your entire project. But don't worry our experts have summarised the options available in this easy to digest, useful guide that will help to pair you with your perfect structure. softwood 

I have tried to get a reasonable response from a representative for decking material. Due to the Class Action Claim I am being provided Select Saddle standard square material. It is obvious that is clearing its inventory of unwanted material and shipping directly to the Claimant without 

In terms of preventing it from rotting, warping or cracking (all complaints linked to decking) look for a timber that has the DeckMark symbol from the Timber Decking Association this is a good indicator of the use of high quality materials with good guarantees. Softwoods such as pine and spruce will be the 

In this guide the UK's top decking paint products, including 1. Top Pick: Firmtread Anti Slip. 2. Ronseal Rescue Paint. 3. Cuprinol Garden Shades. Can You Paint Decking? How To Prepare Your Deck Before Painting. Can You Paint Over Stain On Decking? What Are The Pros & Cons To Painting 

Another factor to consider when you're seeking out the best decking material for your garden is safety. We see quite a lot of bad weather here in Britain, and wet/icy decks can be very slippery and hazardous. No decking product can claim to be completely non slip, but decking is more slip resistant than other