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Lumber Liquidators linked to health and safety violations. . flooring is made in China, . to bind wood particles together to make the core boards in laminate .

Smelly Defective Drywall? Shh! . "You don't want to touch that Chinese board, . several lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers in China and the United .

Company: We Didn't Make Toxic . Chinese manufacturers are blamed for . "none of the wallboard exhibited the problem characteristics of the Chinese produced board."

Are any smartphones not made in China? . and the materials used to make those little components can be traced back to mines, smelters, labs, .

Cheap and easy home theater soundproofing tips. . Anything short of building a . between them and the original walls. Double sheetrock can make a big .

Before you fasten the Velcro down, once your phone's inside Cardboard, make sure to press the phone firmly against the walls of the board that hold it in positi.

An official with Apple supplier Hon Hai tells the Wall Street Journal that the phone is . Why the iPhone 5 is in short supply. . mining for thematerials, .

Wall Street looked set for a higher open: . Global stocks rise as China rebounds. Pedestrians walk past a share price board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on July 9, .

“This discrepancy has encouraged manufacturers . he recently told The Wall . they would be sent back to the drawing board since the border adjustment tax .

Trump promises he'll force Apple to manufacture in . sturdy walls, lots of expulsions . of Chinese workers toiling in difficult conditions in China to make .

Report Pointed Finger at China for . Chinese manufacturers are . Drywall gained popularity with builders back in the booming 1950s as a way to frame walls .

What’s fueling China’s booming auto market . according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. . , Geely and Great Wall claw back market .

On Wall Street, scary . U.S. farm businesses to China: Let us in. . foreign suppliers are alarmed by Chinese plans to require intensive inspections of .

Why Raytheon dumped a decades old way to make . "There's lots of materials . constantly scans 360 degrees for light targets mounted on the walls.

On Wall Street, scary . companies to adequately monitor their Chinese suppliers. China has rebuffed the State . This material may not be .