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If you are working with one of our plans, your plan comes with a materials list. Our lists are very detailed and cover everything from the footings, framing and hardware, up to the deck covering, railing and skirting.

When you print everything out from, one of the items will be a materials list. It's basically a shopping list telling you exactly how much wood to buy, how many piers to get, and even all the screws you'll need. I found everything available at my local Lowes home center. If you have a big truck, 

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We ordered the Splash Deluxe plan, which came with a detailed materials list, cost estimator and instructions. We spent about $2400 for materials to build our deck, which included the pressure treated lumber, pier blocks, wood sealant, joist hangers and screws. For more information about Dek Blocks or to order a set of 

FREE DECK PLANS. Need some inspiration or direction to get your deck started? Below are links to real deck plans and materials lists created by some of 's contractors. Click images to enlarge. Download Deck Plan · Download Materials List · Download Deck Plan · Download Materials List · Download Deck 

Materials choice. The choice of deck materials is determined by the level of maintenance, budget, purpose, and aesthetics. Identify these options on a list of priorities to find the materials that are ideal for the deck plan. The commonly used structural material for decks is pine treated wood. Finish materials could include: pine 

All BestDeckSite electronic deck plans included printable blueprints and a detailed materials list. In addition, every part of the building process is spelled out step by step. When you purchase a BestDeckSite deck plan, you're not just buying a set of blueprints, you're buying comprehensive construction information that 

This comprehensive deck building checklist, with planning stage questions and deck materials list, will get your project on the right footing.

Lowe's has a great free deck plan that includes a tools and materials list, tips on designing and laying out the deck, as well as instructions that will take you through every step to build the deck, stairs, and railing. If you feel like getting more creative, Lowe's Deck Designer is a great way to create plans for 

Once you select a deck building plan, either website will send you the plan and materials (framing, decking and railing) list, with also including a cost estimator. Your best bet involves requesting plans for three favorite setups, then meeting with your professional handyman to help you make 

Get inspiration or direction to get your Deck started. We have over 100 real Deck Plans and suggested materials list for you. Free Deck design plans.