fitting decking on an old patio

The experts at explain what you need to know before laying a pathway or patio.

How do you choose whether it's best to build a patio or a deck? I'm often asked by clients if they would be better off with a patio or a deck for their garden. If you live in the middle of rural England in a beautiful old house, decking probably isn't going to be the best material to use as it won't be in keeping with the house 

With some decent weather, a deck can almost become an extra room for your house during the summer months. Decking is generally easier to install than paving, and can be used to hide a variety of sins in the garden. It can be laid over an existing concrete patio without having to dig it up and, with a bit of 

Laying decking is a wonderful, hardwearing, natural alternative to patios that adds texture and warmth to our outdoor room. If it is going over an existing patio, then you have just saved yourself some hard work as you won't need to create a new foundation, it can go straight on top with a few adjustments if the area is 

The cost of your new patio or decking will vary considerably, and the final bill will depend on many factors, some of which might be within your control! I've re laid a couple of patios reusing the old slabs and the finished job transformed them; power washing them and laying them in a wobble free new