landscape timbers alternatives for wood floor

Design your bespoke wood floor, restore an existing wood floor or find an alternative to the standard wood floors on offer.

English Sweet Chestnut is handsome, strong & durable great for cladding, flooring & decking. And a 'Round We all know the 'poor man's Oak' expression, but Chestnut (Sweet not Horse) makes an interesting alternative to Oak in lots of circumstances and its certainly not 'poor' in any way, shape or form. Our favourite 

Wood Look Tile: Refin offers a wide choice of timber tiles for indoor and outdoor floor, simply choose the one that suits your taste and ideas best. However, for anyone who loves parquet floors but doesn't have the time or the means to maintain them, Refin offers an excellent alternative to wooden floors; porcelain wood tile 

Wood flooring can look beautiful in any style of house both modern and traditional. Engineered wood flooring is an alternative to real wood, providing the aesthetics of a real wood floor but without restrictions or environmental implications, making it a practical choice for any home. It is made from two or more layers of wood 

Turning to solid wood floors, not only do they ooze character, but they can be sanded numerous times. “They're the real thing and have a resonance and authenticity that even the best engineered alternatives can't quite match,” says Broadleaf Timber's Vanessa Garrett. In some instances, solid wood can be 

Alternatives to Railroad Ties. Wood that is naturally rot and insect resistant can also be used for landscaping purposes. These untreated timbers can be more attractive to the eye, and so may be preferable for such uses as outdoor benches and garden planters. Some of the naturally durable woods that can 

Discover a large range of high quality timber floor and engineered timber flooring, from some of the country's leading manufacturers, including Elka flooring.

Mulch and gravel paths can be meandering, wood chip covered trails or carefully planned designs, and they range from casual to formal depending on the design and edging material. You can choose from a wide Landscape timbers are an economical alternative to stone or brick borders. They're especially useful for 

Black painted wood block path as a paver stone alternative! Genius! . The 2 Minute Gardener: Photo Landscape Timber Stairs The decomposed granite and stabilizer filler is to pricey for me. Concrete or . chicken coop foundation made with gravel base & pressure treated floor supports (Chicken Backyard Treats).

Michael Van Valkenburgh from Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc., Landscape Architects, PC;. Stephen Noone .. Dreweko is a firm with 50 years of experience in wood flooring; they have a proven track record as being the best in the business. Specialize in: industrial parquets hand scraped floors.

Kebony a sustainable wood, ideal for a number of interior and exterior applications like cladding, decking, roofing, furniture, windows and more.

It's renewable because the forest stewards manage the landscape to prevent damage to eco systems, watersheds, wildlife and the trees themselves, taking a long term Timber is usually classified as either hardwood, from broad leafed trees like beech and oak, or softwood from conifers like pine and fir.

A cost effective and low maintenance alternative to timber decking. Compared to the timber decking alternative of similar quality and service life, it does work out cheaper. At Champion The intricate detailing on our our composite decking can fool people into thinking it's made from real wood.