tectum deck replacement in Germany

ASTM E 84 Flame Spread/Smoke Developed Tectum E Roof Deck 0 Flame Spread, 0 Smoke Developed. Tectum E Roof Deck ASTM E 84 Test Results Download. Weights. 2¾" 3.60 lbs./square foot; 4" 3.90 lbs./square foot; 5" 4.70 lbs./square foot; 6" 4.80 lbs./square foot; 7¼" 5.20 lbs./square foot; 8½" 5.40 lbs.

Briefly, zebrafish were initially anesthetized with 0.2% tricaine methanesulfonate (MS 222; Sigma Aldrich Chemistry, Steinheim, Germany) and For the pin injection, a small droplet of the dye was applied on the tectal roof, and small, etched tungsten pins were inserted into the tectum up to 10 times.

Roof Deck Products. Tectum I Acoustical Roof Deck Select TAG to import BIM product files. Northside Christian New Albany, IN. Tectum I is typically used in low slope The Tectum I Roof Deck System consists of standard Tectum panels in either plank or tile configurations. Replacing Tectum Roof Plank Detail

1Active Sensing and Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany; and. 2Department of . tectal roof, and small, etched tungsten pins were inserted into the tectum up to 10 . from which we drew (with replacement) once for each cycle of the resampling.

Tectum III Roof Deck is great for sloped applications requiring insulation, easy installation, and a nailable surface! This roof deck NEOPOR helps Tectum roof deck control the noise and manage the energy efficiency of buildings. See for . Carl Bolle Elementary School Berlin, Germany The Spy Wall is used for climbing 

The Tectum III roof deck panel is a composite of a 1½" or thicker Tectum substrate, Dow Styrofoam brand XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation 1½" to 8" thick and 7/16" Tectum III panels are typically used in sloped applications where insulation and a nailable surface are required. Replacing Tectum Roof Plank Detail

Our Tectum III roof deck was the natural choice for the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center. The gypsum for all Tectum products starts out as self propagating Wisconsin aspens purchased from a single Forest Stewardship Council ( # FSC ) certified source. The wood fibers are air dried: no drying kilns and no 

The Tectum V roof deck panel is a composite of a 1½" Tectum substrate, ½" NEOPOR GPS (Graphite Enhanced Polystyrene) insulation, 7/16" OSB sheathing, 6" NEOPOR GPS insulation, and 7/16" OSB sheathing with a slip resistant surface. Components are bonded with code listed structural adhesives. The NEOPOR